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Appreciate each other as you age
By: Offra Gerstein, Ph.D. - 20 August 2018 - 0 Comments

A common expression that states, “getting old is not for the faint of heart,” is frequently exhibited by many seniors, who experience physical limitations, difficulties with memory, hearing, seeing, ambulating, suffering from temporary or [...]

How to teach morality to children
By: Offra Gerstein, Ph.D. - 06 August 2018 - 0 Comments

Most parents are motivated to raise physically and emotionally healthy children while endowing them with principles of morality, decency, respect for others, compassion and caring, as well as consideration, empathy and kindness for all. [...]

Why is family disharmony deeply distressing?
By: Offra Gerstein, Ph.D. - 23 July 2018 - 0 Comments

Families are partly created and partly selected. Yet, the anticipation that extended family members will be bonded, supportive and sharing during good and bad times helps us feel safer, secure and connected to those [...]

The bonding aspects of shared humor
By: Offra Gerstein, Ph.D. - 30 June 2018 - 0 Comments

Having a good sense of humor is an admirable trait. Most people enjoy a clever comment or a light-hearted quip even in times of distress, provided that it does not minimize the gravity of [...]

Protect your children from family disputes
By: Offra Gerstein, Ph.D. - 18 June 2018 - 0 Comments

It is not uncommon for adults to have disparity of opinions, attitudes, preferences or interpretations of their mate’s thoughts and feelings, regardless of their love and respect for each other. Yet, children who observe [...]

Cultivate healthy self-esteem throughout life
By: Offra Gerstein, Ph.D. - 11 June 2018 - 0 Comments

From a very early age we learn that pleasing others is a wise and a well-rewarded behavior. When our parents affirm our actions, attitude and manners, we feel safer and liked. One of the [...]

Cautiously use humor in your relationships
By: Offra Gerstein, Ph.D. - 05 June 2018 - 0 Comments

Many people find joy is using humor in their conversation with others. It is a method of bonding with those who are like-minded through affirming their mutual understanding and opinions about the subject, person, [...]

Keep your marriage sizzling
By: Offra Gerstein, Ph.D. - 21 May 2018 - 0 Comments

During the early stages of marriage, most couples choose to reaffirm their love and passion for each other. Regrettably, this hope and plan only works for less than 50 percent of pairs. What are [...]