Dealing with Internet Addictive Behavior

Dealing with Internet Addictive Behavior

In modern vernacular we frequently label some of our or others’ behaviors as “addictions”. We may refer to exercise, shopping, game playing, reading, working, surfing the Internet or even sun bathing as “addictions”. This label implies [...]

Pornography Damages

Why pornography damages intimate relationships Pornography use has undoubtedly damaged many marriages. It is important for both genders to understand the impact of this behavior on their relationship. Why would viewing images on a screen be [...]


Is Pornography impacting your relationship? The interest in sex and sex images has always been prevalent. Accessibility to pornographic images had been limited until the advent of the technological era. The freedom to access porn sites [...]

Anorexia Nervosa is not unique to young women

Body dissatisfaction concerns and extreme dieting have been previously assumed to be most commonly occurring among female teenagers and young women. Recent research has confirmed the increased prevalence of eating disorders in middle aged and even [...]