Dealing with your parents'

Why we need to forgive our parents

Why we need to forgive our parents

Many adults carry childhood hurts, pain, shame, inadequacy or doubts about their lovability and worth due to their parents’ treatment, words, attitudes or behaviors. How can adults free themselves from the bonds of these memories, forgive [...]

Role with Aging Parents

Challenged by your role with aging parents? The blessing of today’s increased longevity has produced new challenges for adult children in managing their aging parents’ lives. Many adults are puzzled by their aging parents’ changed behaviors, [...]

The challenges of multigenerational family living

One of the 21st century great challenges is adjusting to the dramatic demographic changes of the population. Due to increased life span and limited options for senior care, more and more households are composed of multigenerational [...]

How to handle criticism from a parent

Whether you are a child or a baby boomer you are likely to be strongly impacted by criticism from your parents. Few comments smart more than parental disapproval, disrespect, put downs or discounts. Many people who [...]